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Mike has consistently fought for open and honest government and his record on ethics, transparency, and accountability has been described by a local newspaper as “impeccable.” 


Mike has worked tirelessly to save taxpayers millions of dollars, enhance public safety and support our first responders, and advocate for educational excellence and oppose divisive learning in our schools. 


Mike is ready to Stand up and Deliver for the residents of District 96 and South St. Louis County. Mike will fight for lower taxes, excellence in schools, as well as protect each citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights and the lives of the most voiceless among us - the unborn. 

Mike Tsichlis is a 25 year resident of Southwest St. Louis County and District 96. He believes that public service is a sacred trust between constituents and those they elect to represent them.  He believes in and lives by the principles of honesty, integrity, hard work, and dedication. He would be honored to represent the great people in our district and South St. Louis County in the Missouri House.

Send me a message and join my mailing list. I want to know what's on your mind.


Please join my mailing list, I want to know what's on the mind of District 96 residents.